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Play against your friend (or foe) in a 1v1 online FPS experience! Play as Sam or Vince, customize your weapons for each character in the Arsenal, setup your spray for later BMing in a match, and join or create your own custom match, or use one of our 3 premade match modes ("rulesets"), load in and show you are the better FPS player! Or have some fun casual matches with a buddy, it's up to you how you want to play. Run up walls, jump over stuff, get those cool trick shot 180 kills while flying through the air, forget to reload before the next gun fight, and earn yourself a kill streak! Or some time spectating, depending on how that fight went... Are you ready to play some Friendly Fire!?

Duel your friend: Go head-to-head against your friends in intense 1v1 first person action and show them you’re the better player.

2 playable characters: Play as Sam or Vince each with their own distinct weapons and personalities.

Create your own servers: Pick from 3 different game modes or create your own custom modes with a variety of options.

18 different weapons to choose from: pick your favourite weapon combo from a variety of rifles, pistols, submachine guns, and shotgun.

5 playable maps: fight it out on 5 different locations ranging from a high rise studio to a snowy battlefield.

Practice your skills in Training: Enter single player "Training" mode, and follow along with the tutorial to learn the basics of how to play, or ignore it completely and do your own thing. Practice your aim at the shooting range, or challenge yourself in the kill room, or practice your parkour skills in the speed course.

Traverse through maps vertically: Use your parkour abilities to get the drop on your enemies or to quickly escape them when you're in danger.

Enjoy color commentary from the Lee’s: Get the play-by-play from our expert commentators on everything that happens, no matter how uninteresting it really is.

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